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Workforce Wellbeing Training

The pressures and daily demands of working within education or  can have a negative impact on school staffs ability to perform effectively in their roles. In some cases resulting in negative outcomes such as workplace stress, mental health problems and sickness. This also impacts on staffs ability to provide support to children and young people essential for maintaining levels of wellbeing. Supporting staff to improve wellbeing is essential for maintaining a productive and stable children’s workforce.

This interactive workshop session is designed to provide effective and proven methods that improve the wellbeing and resilience of the children’s workforce. This half day wellbeing training allows both teaching and non-teaching staff to spend some time exploring their own wellbeing, which results in improved ability to positively impact on children and young people’s emotional health and resilience.

This positive, empowering session is designed to provide a proactive and preventative approach to addressing stress within teaching and school staff. Participants will gain a clear understanding of wellbeing and how to build it in themselves and how this benefits others, including the children and young people they work with. Through learning from the field of Positive Psychology the training allows participants to experience and practice wellbeing interventions which can be applied personally, within the classroom and whole school.

1/2 day course 

Who it’s for

  • School staff
  • Children’s workforce
  • Schools who want to prevent the negative impact of stress

During the course

  • Learn and practice effective tools and strategies for wellbeing that are practical and versatile
  • Time as a staff team for reflection and sharing of good practice
  • Time to develop strategies that build wellbeing and reduce stress within  individuals, groups, organistaions and schools
  • Gain tips and insights on how to imrpove  wellbeing with our highly experienced facilitators
  • Develop a wellbeing action plan to put into action

Benefits of the Training

  • Learn ways to turn unhelpful coping behaviours into helpful coping behaviours
  • Gain tools to help use stress effectively
  • Build awareness of how to manage and challenge negative perspectives that contribute to poor wellbeing
  • Gain knowledge of wellbeing and techniques to build it in yourself and others
  • Put into action strategies that are sustainable and can immediately start making a difference to wellbeing levels
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