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Workforce Wellbeing Training

This interactive workshop session is deigned to improve the wellbeing and resilience of the children’s workforce. This half day emotional wellbeing training allows you to spend some time exploring your own wellbeing; as well as allowing you to develop strategies that can improve children and young people’s emotional health and resilience. Participants will learn how to recognise indicators of poor emotional wellbeing and low resilience and explore the different coping strategies children and young people use.

1/2 day course 

Who it’s for

  • School staff

Training content

  • Learn effective tools and strategies for emotional wellbeing that are practical and versatile
  • There will be time for reflection and sharing of good practice
  • Time to explore themes with our highly experienced facilitators

Benefits of the Training

  • Learn ways to turn unhelpful coping behaviours into helpful coping behaviours
  • Learn how to develop positive emotions
  • Gain tools to help use stress effectively
  • Build awareness of how to manage and challenge negative thinking
  • Gain knowledge of the components of resilience and techniques to build it
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