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Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Services

We pioneer the use of positive education to create evidence based wellbeing training courses that support practitioners to develop skills which build resilience and promote and protect the mental wellbeing of children and young people.

Our training is delivered in a range of organisations such as schools, multi academy trusts, teaching school alliances, charities, youth and community organisations. We have been commissioned by Local Authorities and the NHS to provide our training as part of children’s workforce development programmes.

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Strategies and Resources that Develop Resilience and Wellbeing

We are passionate about every child or young person being able to benefit from improved resilience and wellbeing.  Our approach provides you with a range of strategies and resources that can be used in your work. Each of our different training courses comes with delegate packs that have handouts, worksheets, tips, ideas and tools that you can use to develop the resilience and wellbeing of children and young people. You will leave our training sessions feeling confident and equipped to use these approaches to benefit to the children and young people you work with and are supporting.

Training Evaluation

We strive to develop and deliver high quality training and continuing professional development opportunities meeting the needs of the children’s workforce.  Our training is designed to give you the skills and resources needed to help improve resilience, coping styles and mental health. We are keen to understand how the application of the learning gained through our training is improving the wellbeing of children and young people; to do this we have a robust approach to monitoring and evaluation.

Our evaluation is conducted through a range of methods. Enabling us to keep our training up to date and meeting the needs of front line staff. Having been trained we ask you how the skills and knowledge gained will be used in practice and we ask that our follow up evaluations are completed enabling you to feed into our understanding of the sustainability of these skills and how you are being used to support children and young people.

About Our Training Facilitators

We have a team of qualified and experienced facilitators who are ready and willing to share their experiences and expertise with you throughout our training sessions.  Each member of our team has extensive experience working with children, young people and schools to develop resilience, wellbeing and prevent mental health problems. Coming from a range of backgrounds each one of our facilitators brings something to the team and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching, positive psychology, wellbeing, education, pastoral support, mindfulness and mental health.

Bespoke Approach

If you are looking for organisational training to help your teams better support the mental health and emotional needs of children and young people we offer a collaborative approach to ensure maximum impact.  To enable the skills gained in our training to become embedded and sustainable in your organisation we schedule a pre-training review to explore the finer details of what you would like to pay particular attention to or areas that you would specifically like us to focus. This review is included in the overall costings and is part of our package and ensures that the training really meets the needs of your organisation.  We are firm believers that one size does not fit all and work hard to ensure we meet your needs.

Book a place

To enable us to have a wide reaching positive impact on the wellbeing of children and young people throughout the UK, we deliver national a programme of open access training. Our range of courses are suitable for anyone who works with children and young people and wants to gain skills and resources to develop resilience and wellbeing. Please click here to find out more and book your place.

Worth-it training has been recognised by CUREE (Centre for the use of Research and Evidence in Education) to have a “strong underpinning theory throughout, explicitly linked with better outcomes for students.”

Childrens Mental Health Support
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Childrens Mental Health Support
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Worth-it Projects provide Children's mental health support and wellbeing services for those that work with children such as schools, and to children themselves.