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Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Resilience Support

We Offer Specialised Early Intervention Support to Help Improve Mental Health, Wellbeing and Resilience in Children and Young People

Every day we hear more and more sad and terrifying figures about the number of children and young people developing or experiencing low resilience, poor self-esteem, emotional wellbeing and mental health problems. Research in the UK informs us that 1 in 10 children and young people have a diagnosable mental health problem, this has an impact on future opportunities, exam results, school attendance, relationships, economic input and self-worth. Not taking action or continuing with a approach to mental health problems will only led to a higher number of children and young people needing support.

Developing Resilience and Wellbeing in Children and Young People

We offer a range of interventions created and designed to improve resilience and support individuals to improve wellbeing by raising their self-awareness, improving their communication and interpersonal skills and developing their positive thinking skills.

Working collaboratively with children and young people enables us to build a clear understanding of the difficulties they face in overcoming their internal barriers and accessing support. This knowledge has enabled us to ensure that our interventions are accessible and available in school and community. We offer one to one sessions, small group sessions and larger workshops for children and young people.

We know children and young people need strategies that work and that enable them to help themselves improve wellbeing. All our interventions are designed to do exactly that. Children and young people accessing our support are empowered and feel confident and able to continue using strategies they have learned, even long after they have completed our interventions.

Parents Wellbeing Support

With an increase in the number of children and young people experiencing mental health problems we know that many parents feel confused and frustrated that there is not something more they can do so to support their child. We have designed our Support for Parents to help parents develop skills and feel confident to better support their children to develop resilience and emotional health. We provide workshop sessions or coaching sessions to support parent learn strategies that support their child who may be experiencing mental health problems.

Evaluation and Monitoring

All of our interventions are measured for their effectiveness, this helps us make sure we are being really effective. Using before and after measures also gives you an opportunity to measure the journey you have made whilst accessing our support.

About Our Team

Our support is delivered by our experienced team of Key Workers, Coaches and Trainers. Our delivery team all have a wealth of experience and qualifications gained from a range of backgrounds including coaching, youth work and education. Our team are all passionate about supporting people to develop and improve their resilience, wellbeing and mental health.

Childrens Mental Health Support
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Childrens Mental Health Support
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Worth-it Projects,
C/O The Marlene Reid Centre,,Coalville,Leicestershire-LE67 3PH,
Telephone No.01530 835155
Worth-it Projects provide Children's mental health support and wellbeing services for those that work with children such as schools, and to children themselves.