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Skills for Developing Adolescents Mental Wellbeing

Our Skills for Developing Adolescents Mental Wellbeing Training enables participants to be trained to effectively support young people to learn and develop strategies they can use to improve their own emotional wellbeing and mental health. During the training, there will be the opportunity to experience and learn tools and techniques from our evidence based approach, underpinned by positive psychology coaching. At the end of the training, participants will gain a practical skill set that can be utilised when supporting young people.

2 day training 

Who it’s for

  • School staff at all levels

Training Content

  • Exploring the underpinning skills and knowledge needed to effectively use coaching skills to develop character and resilience.Time to practice and develop your coaching skills, utilising the tools learnt during the training.
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of how to engage and support young people earlier to help them develop positive coping strategies.
  • Learning what can impact on young people and how to develop perspective and a growth mindset to help build resilience.
  • Opportunities to discuss and learn how our approach works in reality and the benefits that it has.
  • Children’s character development and emotional health.

Benefits of the Training

  • How to develop confidence and esteem in young people
  • Tools to help build resilience
  • Skills to effectively challenge, whilst being supportive
  • Knowledge of the coaching process
  • Understanding of the key foundations for a positive relationship
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