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Mental Health Training and Wellbeing in Schools

Worth-It offers effective resilience and mental wellbeing training and services for your teachers, staff, pupils, or entire school.

There is an increasing awareness of the responsibility to develop resilience in schools and colleges, for both staff and pupils. It is widely recognised within education and mental health sectors that children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing has a huge impact on their ability to learn and achieve.

Are you a school looking for mental wellbeing and resilience training for your pupils, staff or school?

In recent years, we are seeing an unprecedented increase in the mental and emotional health needs of children and young people. The recent State of Education Report, identifies that 79% of teachers in both primary and secondary schools reported seeing an increase in stress, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks in their pupils. Not being able to effectively support children and young people increases the strain on school staff’s wellbeing levels and their ability to perform effectively.

It is widely recognised within education and mental health sectors that children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing has a huge impact on their ability to learn and achieve. Worth-it offers resilience and mental health support for pupils, wellbeing training for staff and bespoke whole school resilience programms, all proven to improve outcomes.

Worth-it have worked with over 150 schools, empowering them to effectively support children and young people improve resilience and wellbeing.

Support for Pupils Mental Health

A least three children and young people in every classroom are experiencing mental health issues, this negatively impacts on their ability to learn and achievement levels. Our support programmes directly improve the resilience and wellbeing of pupils increasing engagement in learning, attendance and higher attainment levels.

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Training for School Wellbeing

Our training is designed to support school staff to feel confident and capable to improve the resilience and emotional wellbeing of pupils. We equip participants with a range of practical skills, tools and strategies which can be applied in the classroom as part of one to one support, groups or whole school interventions.

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Whole school approach to mental health

Evidence informs us that whole school approaches are best practice for improving the emotional wellbeing and resilience of schools. This is further backed up by recommendations from the Department for Education, Department of Health and Public Health England. Our whole school approach to mental health enables schools to develop a culture and ethos of resilience that benefits the whole school community.

Following collaboration and extensive experience working with a number of multi academy trusts, primary and secondary schools, we have created a robust and effective School Resilience Programme .


Since finishing the FIRST programme I have been able to see things about myself that I couldn’t see before. I am now more confident.

Young PersonCompleted FIRST ProgrammeEssex

Because of the FIRST programme I’ve gained an understanding of myself and my worried and have found ways to help myself in hard situations.

Young PersonCompleted FIRST ProgrammeEssex

Since doing the FIRST programme I am being honest with myself and everyone else, also I gained a lot of confidence. I have been coming into school.

Young PersonCompleted FIRST ProgrammeEssex

I have gained the ability to look at the positive side of things and not the negative. I feel like I have improved my communication

Young PersonCompleted FIRST ProgrammeEssex

I have found ways to control the way I control my reactions and how o think about how to respond. I also learned to remind myself of the good things about me and my surroundings.

Young PersonCompleted FIRST ProgrammeEssex

I wanted to feel ready to work again after losing confidence and motivation. I now have more belief in myself and am better able to recognise my strengths; my motivation has increased massively and I …

Emily, FIRST for Work, age 23

Being long term unemployed is not an enjoyable experience, I felt as if I was somehow separate from the rest of the world. I was convinced that I was being judged from all sides, I even gave up on mys…

Emma, FIRST for Work, age 22

I could not leave my house, panic and anxiety laced my every thought and daily tasks such as maintaining cleanliness became impossible. I now feel better equipped by coaching, instilling hope and opti…

Ameel , FIRST for Work, age 25

 “The pioneering work of Worth-it Projects brings welcome attention to the wellbeing of young people and educators. The passionate and committed Worth-it Projects team are making a real difference …

Dr Christian van Nieuwerburgh,Leading academic, author, education consultant and executive coachUniversity of East LondonLondon

 “I am a great supporter of the work of Worth-it Projects. Ensuring good mental health and wellbeing is critical, particularly for our young people. Growing up today is tougher than it has ever been…

Nicky Morgan MPFormer Secretary for Education, MP for LoughboroughWestminder

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