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School Resilience Programme

At Worth-it we are leading providers of mental health and emotional wellbeing strategies for schools. We work collaboratively with schools to help them develop sustainable whole school approaches to mental health and wellbeing.

We do this through applying resilience and wellbeing strategies within primary and secondary schools to create an embedded culture and ethos of wellbeing in the school. This approach to wellbeing is sustained and maintained by the schools we work with; enabling long term changes that improve wellbeing for students and staff now and in future.

Whole School Resilience

Our School Resilience Programme works to support a whole school approach to increasing the resilience and emotional wellbeing of every individual within a school. The theory behind the programme is drawn from a robust evidence base, comprising of government frameworks and guidelines combined with ground-breaking approaches to Positive Education demonstrated to improve resilience and emotional wellbeing.

Our approach fits within latest government guidelines, including the Public Health England’s 8 principles for wellbeing framework.

Benefits of the Programme

Whole school wellbeing strategies are initially created through working with school leadership teams to assess the current mental health needs of a school. We then work collaboratively with the school to develop an action plan to start creating and implementing and culture of mental health and wellbeing.

This can include a range of services such as providing training for staff, looking at capacity and workforce development. We also deliver and implement targeted interventions to improve the mental health of vulnerable students, as well as developing a culture that prevents mental health problems developing and promotes  wellbeing.

We ensure we work in partnership with each school to create a bespoke approach and a strategy that can be embedded and sustained to fit the schools mental health needs.

Programme Content

  • Exploring the underpinning skills and knowledge needed to effectively use coaching skills to develop character and resilience.Time to practice and develop your coaching skills, utilising the tools learnt during the training.
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of how to engage and support young people earlier to help them develop positive coping strategies.
  • Learning what can impact on young people and how to develop perspective and a growth mindset to help
    build resilience.
  • Opportunities to discuss and learn how our approach works in reality and the benefits that it has.
  • Children’s character development and emotional health
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