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Resilience Sessions for Young People

Worth-it provide one to one resilience building sessions for young people aged 13+ enabling them to reduce mental health problems and improve overall emotional wellbeing to achieve positive outcomes.

The young people will access targeted support from one of our trained Key Workers, who will see them on a regular basis for a set period of time, usually between four and six sessions. During these sessions they will build an effective working relationship with the Key Worker who will coach them through a process where they will learn to articulate their feelings, develop personal resources and assets that contribute to being resilient.

Through this process young people become self aware, and develop emotional literacy, appreciating the difference between stress, anxiety and anger. They will grow in confidence and work towards overcoming issues such as isolation whilst developing skills that build positive peer relationships.

They will learn to develop trust and talk about problems they may have been bottling up. They will be able to regulate and control their reactions, learn to ask for help and reduce the negative coping strategies they have previously relied on (which can include avoiding school, self-harming or substance misuse).

Who’s it for

  • Young people aged 13+

Benefits of Building Resilience

  • Improved attendance levels
  • Better relationships with peers, staff and family
  • Increased engagement in learning
  • More resourceful in difficult situations
  • Self regulation and management of emotions
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduced high risk behviours


  • “It really helped me get back into school.” Michael (aged 14)
  • “I can deal with different emotions more efficiently” Georgie (aged 15)
  • “My attendance did improve, I tried more with my school work, because I believe in myself.” Chloe (aged 15)
  • “I feel more comfortable in larger friendship groups.” Sophie (aged 14)
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