Practical Strategies for Developing Resilience in Adolescents 2017-05-03T09:47:14+00:00

Practical Strategies for Developing Resilience in Adolescents

During this practical one day emotional wellbeing training, participants will learn the components of resilience and how to develop them in young people. Participants will explore how to overcome barriers that reduce resilience and contribute to poor emotional wellbeing and mental health issues. Use of these tools and strategies will enable trained participants to effectively support young people to improve their emotional wellbeing and increase resilience.

1 day training

Who it’s for:

  • School staff at all levels

Training Content

  • Our training will ensure participants feel confident to continue to use and embed the tools in their practice.
  • Demonstrations of the tools and techniques.
  • Time to reflect on how tools and strategies can successfully be incorporated into practice.
  • Opportunities to discuss and learn how our approach works in reality and the benefits that it has, not only on young people’s resilience, but also on their emotional health.

Benefits of the Training 

  • Strategies to challenge negative self-perception
  • Tools and techniques to challenge fixed and unhelpful thinking
  • Knowledge of underpinning evidence based approach to developing adolescent emotional wellbeing
  • Practical approaches which improve resilience
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