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Parent Coaching Sessions

One-to-one coaching can help parents of children and young people struggling with mental health issues. As a parent, you may have a lot of unanswered questions regarding your child or teen’s mental wellbeing.

Coaching sessions are useful for any parent who struggles to encourage their child to open up or who feel they are trying to cope with constant negativity and would like to understand why their child or teen is angry, stressed or withdrawn.

Who it’s for

  • Parents who would like to develop their resilience and support their child’s wellbeing

Ongoing coaching sessions are designed to build confidence and resilience in parents, which contributes to the overall improvement of mental wellbeing. This aims to lead to a happier, healthier future for you and your children.

We will provide a safe space for you to communicate your concerns and support you in managing any anxiety or stress, and offer a supportive environment in which to discuss the relationship with your child and how you can support their wellbeing.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Improved resilience
  • Better able to handle negative emotions in yourself and others
  • Learn how to communicate better with your children
  • Build confidence in your parenting skills 
  • Support your child’s emotional development
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