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Resilience Workshops for Young People

During the workshop young people learn and practice tools and skills, which help to develop resilience and optimistic thinking. Young people have the opportunity to share their thinking, learn from others, increase their confidence, self-awareness and interpersonal skills.

Our Optimising Resilience Workshop is underpinned by a positive psychology evidence base for resilience. A targeted, fun and engaging workshop that is designed to encourage young people to develop a growth mindset, explore perspectives and become better able to manage the pressures they face in their daily lives.

Who is it for?

This specific workshop is aimed at young people aged 13+, who are feeling overwhelmed by expectations or feel that they are not currently being successful at managing their reactions to situations. The workshop is designed for 12 young people and incorporates innovative approaches to tackling complex issues.

Benefits of the Workshop

This approach will benefit any young person you have identified as:

  • Lacking in confidence
  • Failing to recognise and use positive coping strategies
  • Worried about their future
  • Struggling with decision making
  • Having difficulties with friendships
  • Using negative coping strategies
  • Experiencing chaotic situations
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