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Staff Wellbeing Coaching

Working in environments that support and educate children and young people are often very rewarding and exciting places to work. However, being in the children’s workforce also demands high amounts of skill, personal resources and requires significant levels responsibility. This can cause some members of staff to feel pressurised, overwhelmed and unable to manage the demands of their role. This can negatively impact on their ability to cope with competing priorities, growing stress levels and ultimately their emotional and mental health.

Worth-it offer individual staff coaching sessions for all levels of staff working with and supporting children and young people. The coaching sessions provide resources for developing personal resilience, managing change and reducing staff stress levels. Outcomes of coaching result in improved work performance and positively impact on the support, education and outcomes of children and young people.

Who it’s for

  • Those who want to enhance and achieve professional and personal excellence.
  • Those who want to effectively manage work related stress.
  • Those who want to identify effective solutions to challenges they face.
  • Those who want to impact positively on the wellbeing of children and young people.
  • All staff working within children’s workforce who want to proactively manage responsibilities and demands associated with supporting children and young people.

Benefits of  Wellbeing Coaching

  • Having an increased awareness of thinking patterns, associated feelings and behaviours enables you to respond differently to situations getting better results.
  • Having a clear way forward, effective strategies and manageable next steps enables you to achieve goals.
  • Developing a set of skills that can be used to support others to develop responsibility, confidence and initiative leading to a stronger team able to be progressive and creative.
  • Realising and applying your strengths leads to greater work satisfaction and increased productivity.
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