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Evidence Base

At Worth-it, we are at the forefront of the utilising evidence based approaches of Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology to prevent mental health problems and promote and improve mental wellbeing. We are one of the leading UK organisations developing and delivering Positive Education within UK primary and secondary schools, special schools and FE colleges.

What is ‘Positive Psychology?’

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing. Positive psychology focuses on improving and promoting mental health rather than focusing on the causes and impacts of mental illness.  When applied through a range of evidence based interventions, Positive Psychology develops wellbeing, resilience and optimal functioning of individuals, organisations and communities. Our approach utilises and integrates many effective applied Positive Psychology techniques, making them accessible and relevant to use with children, young people, schools and organisations.

We are members of professional bodies, including the IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association) , the Association of Coaching and IPEN  (International Positive Education Network).

What is ‘Positive Education?’

Applied Positive Psychology within the field of education is known as Positive Education. Positive education combines the development of skills for wellbeing and skills for achievement and success through a range of integrated approaches and techniques. Positive Education is focused around solutions for early intervention; to build children and young people’s resilience and promote mental wellbeing. Our interventions can be applied to the whole school community, school staff, within classes, or with individuals. Visit IPENN for more information about Positive Education.

Our Organisational Research

We are actively involved in contributing research and evidence for Positive Education.  We disseminate our findings and implement new and innovative applications of Positive Psychology within education and community sectors. We are actively involved in pioneering this approach for developing resilience and improving the mental wellbeing of children, young people and schools.

CEO Liz Robson-Kelly MAPPCP is at the forefront of researching Positive Education. Liz’s academic knowledge underpins the evidence based approach of Worth-it. Her current research projects include ‘whole school approaches to developing resilience and emotional wellbeing’, ‘second wave positive education’, and ‘integrating coaching and positive psychology to support young people at risk of developing mental health problems’. She regularly presents at academic and professional conferences on cutting edge approaches to Positive Education. Liz also lectures in Positive Psychology and Education post graduate qualifications in several Universities in the UK.

Find out more about Liz’s research here.

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