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Developing Resilience in Young People

Young people are facing unprecedented amounts of challenge and stress; this along with a natural dip in wellbeing and lack of internal resources can lead to the development of long term mental health problems. We know this is very worrying for people supporting and working with teenagers. Practitioners and teachers report dealing with increased levels of anxiety, panic attacks, depression and self-harm amongst young people. This combined with a lack of access to support for young people, can leave practitioners feeling powerless to help the young people they work with.

Through our extensive experience in supporting young people to prevent mental health problems, we have identified supporting young people to become more resilient is key to reducing these problems and improving wellbeing.

We have combined our experience of working directly with young people, with our unique approach to evidence based professional development to enable practitioners and teachers build resilience in the young people they work with.

This one-day training course enables you to learn how to effectively support young people to develop the internal mechanisms and learnable skills of resilience. When using these skills as part of your practice you are supporting young people’s ability to effectively manage the challenges they face, and supporting them to improve their emotional wellbeing and reduce mental health problems.

1 day training

Who it’s for:

  • Practitioners who work with and support young people.

During the Course

  • Explore how a lack of resilience contributes to the development of emotional wellbeing and mental health problems in young people.
  • Practice techniques that can be used to help young people develop internal resources, self-awareness, communication skills neccesary for resilience.
  • Learn how developing resilience in young people in important for preventing mental health problems developing.
  • Learn effective evidence based strategies and tools and how to use them in a range of setting with young people.

Benefits of the Training

by the end of the training you will be

  • able to support young people develop the internal resources of resilience.
  • able to influence a reduction in negative coping strategies being used by young people.
  • be able to support adolescents to address difficulties they are facing that are having a negative effect on achievement, concentration and  achievment.
  • have improved capacity to effectively support a wider range of young people develop resileince leading  reduction in mental health problems.
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