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Cultivating Wellbeing and Resilience in Children

This emotional wellbeing training course enables you to work with children to develop their emotional health and resilience. Participants will explore contributing factors towards poor emotional health and gain practical strategies to help combat negative outcomes. The course uses a proven positive education framework to support the development of children’s emotional wellbeing and resilience.

1 day training

Who it’s for

  • School staff at all levels

Training Content

  • Strategies to develop children’s character strengths
  • Tools and techniques to support behaviour change
  • Strategies to increase positive emotions
  • Techniques to increase positive expectations

Benefits of the training

  • Our training will ensure participants feel confident to continue to use and embed the tools in their practice
  • Increased confidence to effectively support children to develop essential characteristics such as empathy, optimism and self-belief
  • Highly experienced facilitators who are happy to share their knowledge and expertise 
  • Opportunities to discuss and learn how our approach works in reality and the benefits that it has
  • Develop knowledge on children’s character development and emotional health
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