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5 Ways to Develop a Whole School Approach to Wellbeing

Whole school approaches to developing wellbeing are recommended by government as the most effective way of improving the mental health of your school. Improving mental health of the whole school impacts not only on pupils, but also on staff, parents and all stakeholders in your school community.

Whole school approaches are associated with many positive outcomes both academically and to levels of wellbeing for pupils, staff and the whole school community. We are passionate about supporting schools in developing sustainable approaches to whole school wellbeing.

There have been several papers, guidelines and frameworks published by the Department for Education, Department for Health, Public Health England, NICE and national charities and think tanks such as the NCB and IPPR all who champion a whole school approach to mental health. These are fantastic resources but often developing a whole school approach can seem overwhelming or it can be difficult to know where to start. We know through working with and supporting almost 200 schools to develop wellbeing, that it is not always easy to put these recommendations into action.

To support schools to get started in developing wellbeing, we have combined our extensive practical know-how and co-production with schools with the government guidelines to develop our ‘5 ways to school wellbeing’. These 5 ways provide clear tips, actions and starting points for developing wellbeing in your school.

We have turned them into an infographic for you to use in your school to get started developing wellbeing.

Infographic showing practical steps to develop a whole school approach to wellbeing

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We hope you find this helpful and would be excited to support you on your journey to developing whole school wellbeing.

Please share this with your colleagues and friends to spread the word of whole school wellbeing.

Find out more about how we can support you with training, interventions, coaching and consultancy to develop the wellbeing of your whole school.


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