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North Halifax Grammar School commissions Worth It Projects for their Mental Health Initiatives

Does Your School Promote Mental Health & Wellbeing?

As highlighted in a recent article by Employee Benefits, North Halifax Grammar School in West Yorkshire is to roll out mental health and wellbeing initiatives for staff. As part of this they commissioned us to carry out training to learn and develop skills that help improve mental wellbeing in the educational workplace. The school was closed and the training delivered as an extra inset day, which in itself is ground breaking.

Our CEO, Liz Robson-Kelly delivered the training to the whole of the school staff of 120 and included resilience, stress management and positive psychology tools to improve wellbeing. The aim being to better equip them to improve their own wellbeing which will positively impact on them and indirectly support the young people they work with deal with their own emotional health and mental wellbeing. This is a strategy recommended by the ‘What Works’ wellbeing guidance for schools.



The staff at the schools benefitted from learning tools and techniques to increase their wellbeing, which they intend to implement to create a whole school wellbeing strategy these include:

  • Praise & recognition
  • Recognising accomplishments
  • Helping young people learn from failure
  • Focus on what is going well
  • Building growth mind sets
  • Working on internal resilience by using thinking skills.

Recognise own accomplishments

There were also a number of learning outcomes for the staff and school as a whole:

  • Its important to take care of individual wellbeing in the education sector, as it is faced with constant pressure
  • Change & use of new strategies is necessary to help support students with their own wellbeing
  • Being a team and collaborating is important for sense of support and inclusion
  • Celebrating achievements as a team builds morale
  • Face to face communication is important to prevent feelings of isolationTake Care

Feedback from staff

The feedback from this training has been really positive and here are just some of the ways in which the school staff will be using our approach & techniques:

“Changing how you think about situations rather than trying to change the situation”

“Increasing positivity so I can be happy”

“What Went Well will be done every night, great to focus on positives.”

“To take the time to breathe and look at situations from different perspectives”

If you are inspired to follow North Halifax Grammar School’s lead and have the desire to improve the wellbeing of the whole school, please do get in touch to find out more about commissioning our services. Please call on 01530 835155 or email training@worth-itprojects.co.uk

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