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Worth-it are an award winning social enterprise who apply practical approaches to increasing resilience and developing mental wellbeing.

About Worth-it

We improve mental health in schools through a whole school wellbeing approach, workforce development and  targeted support for children and young people. We specialise in early intervention and prevention of mental health problems, through improving emotional health and building resilience of children, young people and school staff.

Our work has been proven to:

  • Develop skills which improve mental wellbeing.
  • Build resilience, confidence and emotional literacy.
  • Improve attendance and attitude to learning.
  • Improve engagement and achievement.
  • Reduce symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Improve the use of positive coping strategies
  • Improve communication, interpersonal skills and relationships
  • Reduce the use of negative coping strategies such as self-harm

We work with commissioners, professionals, groups, schools and partner organisations to create positive change and improve self-worth, ensuring everyone we work with feels they are Worth-it!

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